Anyfid SA

Anyfid Ltd was founded as a fiduciary company primarily providing national and international corporate consultancy and planning, as well as operating in the real estate and asset management field.

To help private clients, entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their objectives, Anyfid Ltd offers a range of highly integrated services, through a worldwide network of well-established relationships, all directed towards identifying and satisfying our customers’ needs.

Available apartments

Cosliva 23, 6926 Collina d'Oro

New one-room apartment, PT

1.5 Rms 70m² CHF 505'000.–
Cosliva 23, 6926 Collina d'Oro

New one-room apartment

1.5 Rms 61m² CHF 520'000.–
Cosliva 23, 6926 Collina d'Oro

Nuovo appartamento 4,5 locali

4.5 Rms 171m² CHF 1'600'000.–


Piazza Molino Nuovo 15
PO Box 4143
6904 LuganoSvizzera

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